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It is globally recognised that Jamaica is one of the most attractive locations for filming.
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The Jamaica Film Commission is mandated to promote the Jamaican film industry by facilitating activities that increase investment, export, and employment in the sector. Click the link below to learn more about our mandate and our services.

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We have partnered with trusted providers of local services across the film and creative industries. Connect with Local Crew Services, Custom Brokers, Equipment Rental Services, Production Managers and Location Managers.

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Permits and Legal Information

Persons traveling to Jamaica for work for less than 30 days will not require a Work Permit. However, if a project is scheduled to last beyond 30 days each non-resident member of the production will require a Work Permit or an Extension of Stay.

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You’ve Got The Production, We’ve Got The Location

Jamaica is well-known across the world as a naturally gorgeous location for filming and photoshoots. From breathtaking cliffs, sprawling mountain vistas, meandering rivers, gritty cityscapes and of course, our calm ocean waters, we have it all and much more.

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The Local Spotlight

Jamaica is filled to the brim with immensely talented filmmakers, production crews and actors. Our creative industry is on the verge of a major breakthrough as more and more people are gravitating toward film and projects are becoming increasingly ambitious in scope.

International Films

Jamaica has been home to several international film crews over the years as they brought their projects to life across our diverse landscape. We invite you to browse our international filmography for a taste of what Jamaica has to offer.


Warm Island Breeze

Jamaica enjoys relatively warm weather all year round, especially within the coastal areas, becoming cooler in the hilly and mountainous regions in the centre of the island and more so the Blue Mountain Peak. Jamaica is located in the tropics, surrounded by the warm Caribbean Sea, with climate changes influenced mainly by the northeast trade winds. Wet seasons occur usually during May to June and September to November. The driest period is usually December to March. Temperatures remain comfortably warm all year. The longest day occurs in June with 13.2 hours of sunshine, the shortest occurs in December with 11 hours. However the average sunshine in mountainous areas is less than six hours per day, due to cloudy conditions, while coastal areas it is near eight hours.

A Place For Everyone

From villas to apartments, resorts to inns, there's somewhere to accommodate your cast and crew during your visit.


Importing Via Courier

Courier services (Federal Express, UPS, DHL) and counter-to-counter airline deliveries are treated the same as cargo by Customs. This means that any dutiable items sent by these methods will be detained and any outgoing items/film could be searched. The Film Commission can arrange with the courier service, to provide them with a waiver of bond/duty so that your deliveries can be cleared, and a Security X-ray Pass so that your film will not be x-rayed or opened. Please alert the Commission, prior to shipping, if you will be using this system for importing or exporting.

air freight

Shipping Via Air Freight

Some airlines will not accept boxes as luggage, so please make contact with them before you plan your shipping. Items being sent by air should have space booked on the airline as far in advance as possible. If they are being taken as hand luggage discuss this with the airline in advance, and arrive at your port of departure at least three hours in advance to ensure that all your items are on board. N.B. Cargo offices are not usually open on weekends, but special pre-arrangements can be made with the airlines and Customs, through the Film Commission.


Streamlining Your Customs Clearance

The production manager/co-ordinator or production assistant assigned to your production will, if necessary and requested, meet crew/cast and assist with arrival and clearance of equipment. For this reason, productions are asked to advise of arrival and departure schedules before and during shoot.