The Film Commission


In 1984, the economic development agency of the government, Jamaica Promotion Corporation (JAMPRO) launched The Film Commission. JAMPRO has the responsibility for growing investments and exports for the country. With a particular focus on the sectors of film and animation, The Film Commission’s has responsibility for creating and realising business opportunities both locally and internationally for Jamaica’s film and animation industry. Through a diverse array of activities, policies, programmes and partnerships, The Commission seeks to develop capacity and employment opportunities as well as encourage investment and exports. 

Since its formation, The Film Commission has hosted the Jamaica Film Festival, facilitated production of a line of international film productions, been heavily involved in emerging filmmaker competition PROPELLA! and in partnership with The British Council and JAFTA launched the Film Lab.

What We Do

The Film Commission’s particular focus covers both the film and animation industry. The Film Commission’s main target areas related to these specific screen-based industries involves advocating policy as well as liaising between government departments, private sector companies and agencies to facilitate production as well as acting in an advisory capacity for these productions. Included also in this function is the facilitation of film and animation productions, arrangement and processing immigration, permits, licenses, registration and tax requests. 

Promotion is also a large part of what we do at The Film Commission. This involves promoting Jamaica as a film location, promoting local productions and also promoting the export and investment opportunities in our film and animation industry.

We are also tasked with ensuring that film and animation as local industries are able to grow and develop and meet the standard of international markets. For this reason The Film Commission is also involved in developing various initiatives to increase and improve business and performance in these two particular industries.

What We Don't Do

The Film Commission’s role encompasses the work which is needed to protect and develop the local film and animation industry however there are areas which lie outside of its mandate. The Commission is not able to take on the responsibility for running the production of any film, animation or digital content. Assistance is available for assisting a production’s crew and managers with areas such as permits and licences, film registration, investor relations, exhibition and promotion which will help the production run smoother and reach markets.

The Commission however also does not undertake involvement in any internal pre-production and production tasks and activities such as casting, catering etc. For more detailed assistance we encourage you to consult the ‘Guide to Filming in Jamaica’ which is available as a downloadable pdf file or contact one of our Sales & Promotion Officers on staff.

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