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JAFTA PROPELLA! is a one of a kind programme within the local film industry which allows new and emerging filmmakers the guidance and financial support to take a story from idea through production to festival screening stage. The initiative is currently held annually and is organised by the Jamaica Film & Television Association in partnership with Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO). Each year a call goes out for the submission of applications from first time or emerging storytellers. From that pool five projects are selected and put through a script and film development process which better prepares them for production and approaching festivals. With the support of a provided budget the films go into production and are readied for a premiere screening at The Trinidad + Tobago Film Festival.

The initiative began in 2015 and has seen the inclusion of these short films in various screenings and festivals. The programme has also helped encourage increased activity in the local film industry in the way of the quality and quantity of completed local film productions. JAFTA PROPELLA! is one of the main ways that JAMPRO is able to provide further opportunities for investment and export of local film content.

Business of Sustainability for Studios (BOSS) Programme

The BOSS programme is aimed at giving those in the business of running animation studios the tools, experience and skills to achieve success in the industry. It is packaged as a ‘mini MBA for creative executives’. The project is set up to provide the tools needed to allow animation businesses to participate in global markets by developing more business savvy and strategic planning skills. With the programme preparing more animation businesses to take the local animation product internationally and the developed know-how to grow thriving businesses, the Jamaican animation industry will be better able to sustain development and achieve economic success.

Over this period skills ranging from learning to pitch projects to investors and determining market readiness for projects will be delivered. There are also key exposures and experiences offered which includes travelling to attend markets and trade events and meeting with potential local financiers for projects.

Film Lab

The previously held British Council Screenwriter’s Workshop has now been revised by The Film Commission into the Film Lab. The previous workshop was held for the first time in March 2017 in Kingston. Its key aim was to facilitate working relationships between screenwriters and producers and also to establish the role of the script editor in the filmmaking process. The new programme is a 3-year partnership between The British Council, JAMPRO and JAFTA.

The Lab allows local filmmakers the opportunity to experience greater successes overseas as it focuses on strengthening storytelling skills. Further work in the Film Lab will continue to focus on script development, production, and distribution training in order to encourage more activity in the local film industry.

Do Business With Us

As a part of Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO), The Jamaica Film Commission  shares the goals of preparing and positioning Jamaica for the future as a recognized hub for quality content in the global industry. For films in production in Jamaica, The Commission provides various services such as assistance securing permits and customs processes, location scouting, providing information on  the equipment rental process and customs brokers as well as local production managers and service providers. 

While The Commission is also involved in promoting Jamaica as a film location there are several other investment opportunities available due to its lush and varying landscapes, rich culture and heritage and its various resources. Sports and music are also areas for which Jamaica has achieved recognition internationally. Due to this the country is able to offer varied natural, historic and urban film locations as well as a wider cross section of cultural resources for filmmakers. 

These resources for filming in Jamaica indicate that investment opportunities in areas such as local film and documentary production; equipment rental services, film and animation studios, distribution and marketing and Sound Stages is timely. The Film Commission helps facilitate these kinds of business opportunities as well as providing value-added services, development of ecosystem in the film and animation industry and advocate for policy in these areas.

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