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JAMPRO is an Agency of the Government of Jamaica’s Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries (MICAF) that promotes business opportunities in export and investment to the local and international private sector.

In facilitating the implementation of investment and export projects, the organization is a key policy advocate and advisor to the Government in matters pertaining to the improvement of Jamaica’s business environment and the development of new industries.

Creative Industries

Jamaica’s reputation as the Cultural Mecca of the Caribbean has positioned our creative industries as a key revenue generator for the local economy. There are already various active cultural & creative industries in Jamaica. The Fashion industry has brought its own cultural recognition with local fashion agencies producing international models and major events such as Caribbean Fashion Week bringing media attention for designers. The music industry is well known world-wide for its production of new musical genres such as reggae, ska and rocksteady but contemporary genres such as dancehall also continue to attract international attention. Collaborations with pop singers and Grammy Awards wins have further brought the Jamaican music industry to notice further afield. 

In the culinary world, the Kingston restaurant week, various culinary and tasting events also provide various opportunities to appreciate the culture of Jamaica.  There are various museums, galleries and community-based initiatives and projects in the visual arts which have also distinguished themselves locally, regionally and internationally. Our publishing industry and global literary achievements reveal a variety of local and regional stories and content with more extensive appeal ranging from historic reference to fiction and children’s and adult literature. Film, video and advertising are long established industries in Jamaica but there are new technologies, producers and content being generated which further diversifies cultural output. With these developments and diversification happening in these various sectors the creative industries are primed for experiencing further growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the functions of the Film Commission?

The following value added services are offered to professionals and companies working in the creative industries:

  • Promotion of Export & Investment Opportunities
  • Policy Advocacy for Creative Industries 
  • Sector Development Initiatives 
  • Marketing Jamaica as a Film Location (Destination Filming)
  • Film Production Advisory 
  • Film Production Facilitation

What is the role of the Film Commissioner?

The Film Commissioner directs the activities and leads the team of the Film Commission and the Film, Animation and Music Unit at JAMPRO. The Film Commissioner is responsible for:

  • Serving as an advocate for local practitioners between government agencies, private sector companies, and both local and international production companies
  • Maintaining international networks to advance trade opportunities, treaties, grants, market attendance etc. within the global film industry
  • Leading the lobbying charge for incentives, funding, and other national support mechanisms 
  • Representing a national presence at film festivals and industry trade markets in order to promote the island as a premier location

What are the Creative Industries?

The industry encompasses music, craft, cuisine, fashion, fine arts, publishing, film and video, advertising, architecture, and a host of other creative goods and services. At JAMPRO, the priority sectors of the creative industries are film, animation and music.

What services are not offered by the Film Commission/Film, Animation and Music Unit?

The Film Commission/ Film, Animation and Music Unit does not:

  • Provide script consultation services, or match individual writers to producers,   provide training for creative or technical practitioners.
  • Offer training in entrepreneurship or how to run your creative business 
  • Conduct or disseminate sector-based research or key trends documents
  • Provide interview responses to students conducting research
  • Host or plan screenings of your film
  • Fund film or sponsor your event, or purchase tickets
  • Fund your attendance at film festivals or industry markets
  • Replace any local private service provider who you may need to hire in order to conduct your business 

What incentives are available to Companies within the Film, Animation and Music Sectors?

As it relates to the Film Sector, local production companies wishing to produce films and create content in Jamaica can benefit from incentives under the Fiscal Incentive Act (i.e. Productive Input Relief, Employment Tax Credit).Under this Act, a registered film producer, local production house or individual is entitled to relief from income tax when importing good and services. This is done through registration on the Entertainment Registry.

International production companies benefit from the bond waiver for temporary importation, as well as the various permit facilitation including business friendly entry requirements and easy access to the visas and work permits needed to facilitate projects in the industry.

The Animation and Music Sectors can benefit from the following incentives:

  • Employment Tax Credit (ETC) and thus face a corporate income tax as low as 17.5%  
  • Capital Allowances that cover, among other things, a broadened definition of ‘industrial buildings’ 
  • Duty-free Importation of Equipment and Machinery, as well as revised tariff rates ranging from 0% to no higher than 20% (with some exceptions)
  • Productive Input Relief (PIR) that provides that the musicians and film-makers will be able to import industry-related items where they are registered under the Creative Industries Registry, which is managed by the Ministry of Tourism and Entertainment.  One registered the companies will be required to pay the customs duty and the Additional Stamp Duty (ASD) when purchased for productive use   
  • Film Industry Bond Waiver on the temporary importation of their film equipment

What is the Entertainment Registry and how does it benefit creative practitioners?

The National Registry of Entertainment Practitioners is intended to be a single repository of information on culture/creative industries practitioners.  The Registry will act as a central portal for listing Jamaican entertainment services and companies, including their key profiles and contact information.

How do I register for the Entertainment Registry?

Registration forms can be collected or sent via email to the Entertainment Division at the Ministry of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport. Complete the forms and return via email to registry@mcges.gov.jm .

What is the process for importing film equipment for local production companies?

Ensure that you are registered under the Fiscal Incentive Act at the Ministry of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport. Once you are registered you qualify for importing equipment for your production company duty free. Please have your order invoice sent to JAMPRO to be officially stamped for approval. Please allow 2-3 business days for your invoice to be ready for pick up.

How much equipment can I take into the country at any one time?

This depends on the nature of the business, which must be verified by audited financial statements, a business plan and other company information on the nature of the business. The Steering Committee of the Entertainment Registry will conduct periodic site visits.

What industry associations exist for the film, animation and music industries?

  • JAFTA – Jamaica Film and Television Association
  • JANN – Jamaica Animation Nation Network
  • JARIA – Jamaica Reggae Industry Association
  • BIAJ – Book Industry Association of Jamaica
  • JAMMS – Jamaica Music Society

I have a script, where do I go next to produce my film?

We recommend that you contact JAFTA, the Jamaica Film and Television Association, whose membership consists of all different work functions within the film industry

I want to film my project in a public location. Who do I contact?

Please contact JAMPRO and the Film, Animation and Music Department to fill out a film registration application to film in Jamaica. This application process takes 4-5 business days so please apply in a timely manner before your project starts. You may visit also filmjamaica.com and view the location photos to scout.

I want to list my private location as a film venue. What do I need to know?

We recommend that you contact JAMPRO regarding your interest in making your private location a film venue.

Do I need a visa to come to Jamaica for filming purposes?

Information on visa requirements can be viewed on the website of the Passport, Immigration and Citizenship Agency.  You may click here to view it.

Does Jamaica have any co-production treaties?

Yes, in 2007 a Co-Production treaty was signed between the United Kingdom and Jamaica. For additional information, you may contact the Film Commission/Film, Animation and Music Sector Department – JAMPRO.

Are there any initiative(s) in support of the talent of Jamaican filmmakers?

JAMPRO has partnered with the Jamaica Film and Television Association (JAFTA) and the CHASE Fund to deliver PROPELLA which aims to support the talent of Jamaican filmmakers, and garner international exposure for Jamaican culture through film. The script to screen programme seeks to discover and cultivate an annual cohort of Jamaica’s top film talent, and will include a professional development, content creation, and an international market attendance component. 

Propella resulted in 5 new Jamaican short films, and was characterized by talent discovery, capacity building, content creation and market attendance. The films have since been exhibited in 4 international film festivals as well as a local premier. J$2.5 Million was invested in the films through the CHASE fund.

For additional information on the Film Commission/Film, Animation and Music Sector Department, please contact:

18 Trafalgar Road 
Kingston 10, Jamaica W.I. 
Phone: +1 876 978 7755; 978-3337
+1 877 JAMVEST | 526-8378 (Overseas)
Email: info@jamprocorp.com