Screen Based Events

KingstOOn Animation Conference

The KingstOOn AnimationFestival is put on by the Office of The Prime Minister as a project aimed at encouraging the growth of the animation industry. It is open to regional and international participation and often features a variety of presenters who are key players in animation industries globally. The event happens in November every two to three years at various locations in the capital city, Kingston. It generally features seminars, presentations, masterclasses, screenings and a competition segment. Since its inauguration in 2013, the event has helped act as a platform for local talent and offered key opportunities for exposure.

Festivals and Markets

There are several resources available for professionals in the film and animation industry for exhibition and distribution of your productions. Here is a list of a selection of festivals and markets both internationally and locally for both filmmakers and animators.

Education and Training


University of Technology, Jamaica (BFA in Communication Arts and Technology)

The Bachelors in Communication Arts and Technology is a four year programme. The University  refers to the programme as‘hands on degree’. Students of the programme may choose a concentration in public relations, advertising or journalism. Areas such as website design, digital audio and radio production and photography are taught to students. The multimedia storytelling segment of the course covers in specifics: video production, editing and motion graphics.

Media Technology Institute - MTI

MTI is a branch of the Creative Production Training Centre (CPTC) which deals with the training of individuals in preparation for the media industry. The areas of videography, audio engineering and voice and speech are taught.

The University of the West Indies, CARIMAC (BFA in Film Production)

The Film Production programme is a 3 year Bachelors degree which gives a theoretical foundation in film as well as focus on media production. Students gain a sense of the various areas of filmmaking such as producing, screenwriting, ethics and legal issues as well as gain exposure to experimental film.

The University of the West Indies, (BA in Film Studies)

The Film studies course allows students the critical thinking skills and theoretical exposure to become key thinkers, critics, researchers, administrators and writers in the film industry and other visual studies areas. Local and world cinematic arts traditions and output is considered while understanding the role that cinema plays in culture. Courses explore film as far-reaching as Nigeria’s burgeoning ‘Nollywood’ industry and reggae in film to gender studies, media theory and writing.


University of Technology, Jamaica (Animation Production & Development BSc.)

A BSc in Animation Production & Development is available from the university as a 3 year long course of study. The programme is offered under the School of Computing and Information Technology with connections to The Centre for the Arts at the University. This allows students a broad range of courses from screenwriting and storytelling to life drawing, storyboarding, 2D and 3D digital animation tools and visual development. There are also opportunities for internship and portfolio development via partnerships and work experience.

HEART Trust/NTA and The Ministry of Education (ASc. Degree in Animation)

The Heart Trust/ NTA offers a 2 year-long Associates Degree in Animation. Students are introduced to both 2D and 3D animation as well as all the foundations needed such as drawing, writing and digital design. The programme helps to prepare students for entering studios with the required skills or moving on to further tertiary study which will further equip them to take on their own productions and enterprises in the area or related fields.

Edna Manley College of the Visual & Performing Arts (BFA in Animation & Certificate in Animation)

The College offers both a BFA and a Certificate in Animation. At the College students are surrounded by a variety of other visual and performing art programmes year round. The Certificate is a 6 month course which covers 2D character creation & animation and takes students through storytelling, animatics, storyboarding and animation with the Toon Boom application. The BFA course is 4 years long and looks at both 2D & 3D animation development techniques and production tools. Software currently covered in the programme are Maya, Toon Boom, Photoshop & Blender. In the final year students produce an animated short film which acts as their industry portfolio.

The University of the West Indies, CARIMAC (BFA in Animation)

This programme is 3 years long and trains students in both 2D and 3D animation as well as Motion Design. Industry standard software along with drawing, storyboarding, character design  are taught in order to prepare students to produce ambitious projects. The course offers a range of studio and media studies courses such as ‘Drawing for Animators’ and ‘Media Ethics and Legal Issues’. Students leave the course prepared to navigate the animation industry by joining studios or working on their own productions.

Rubis InPulse Art Project (Experimental Animation & Film workshop)

The Rubis InPulse Art Project is an art workshop which offers young aspiring artists and creatives from the opportunity to dive into contemporary art practice. The students take various workshops with a diverse range of artists from across the Caribbean. One of the workshops which has been offered to students by working with a local filmmaker as well as an inter-disciplinary artist are those of experimental film and animation. Students focus on using the camera in inventive ways and using traditional art making skills and media to produce collaborative films. The students have used their film and animation portfolios to secure places at The Edna Manley College of the Visual & Performing Arts and enter film festivals.

Excelsior Community College (ASc. Degree in Graphic Design & Animation Technology)

Through this community college you can pursue an Associates Degree in Graphic Design & Animation Technology. The programme grants certification which prepares students for careers in areas such as Character Design and Animation, Storyboarding, Graphic Design and Visual Art. Students use a combination of open source software and commercial industry tools such as Toon Boom. The course is ideal for professionals with prior industry experience who want certification, persons wanting to switch careers or introduce new skills to their current skillset.