Work Permit

Person(s) traveling to Jamaica for work for less than 30 days (1 month) will NOT require a Work Permit, and instead will be admitted to the country as a Business Visitor. If a project is scheduled to last beyond 30 days each non-resident member of the production will require either a Work Permit or an Extention of Stay. In that caseThe Film Commission can faciliate an application to the Passport Immigration and Citizenship Agency (PICA) and/or the Ministry of Labour and Social Security.

Waiver of Work Permit

The work permit requirement can be waived for individuals working in Jamaica's film industry for a period of less than six months, through the granting of a waiver of work permit. An application must be submitted to the Commission at least five (15) working days prior to arrival of crew and cast, giving the following information:

Name of person as stated in a valid passport
Passport number
Position on project
Estimated dates of arrival and departure
Port of arrival


Visa Requirements

All foreign national entering this country to conduct short term business will be admitted as “Business Visitors” in accordance with the entry requirement applicable to the visitors from their respective countries, i.e. if a Visitor’ Visa is a requirement from your country for entry into JAMAICA then a Business Visa will be applicable. When a Business Visa is required, this can be purchased at any Jamaican Embassy or Consulate in your country prior to arrival.

Multiple Entry Visa

This is required for all production staff members who will be entering and leaving the country several times during a production. The Commission facilitates the process and the Passport Office
will have the Passport stamped and returned. Requirements for obtaining a Multiple Entry Visa:

Either an Exemption of Visa or a Visa must be previously
 stamped in Passport;
A completed Application for Re-entry Visa Form;


Alien Registration

This is required for persons who will be in the country for six months or more. The requirements are:

Either an Exemption of Visa or a Visa must be previously
stamped in Passport.
A completed Application for Re-entry Visa Form.
Two (2) black and white passport photos and a charge of
approximately US$20 for each applicant are needed to process


No Visas Required

Please consult for the following advisory from PICA to determine which citizenships will require a visa.